“We've all found ourselves worn out from the same old fight. We've all run to things we know just ain't right and there's a better life” ~Zach Williams
We all have chapters in life, so what's next?

Rhonda Snow’s life is focused around her fiance Al and her three kids NICK, JOEY, and AMBER from her first marriage, along with her two amazing granddaughters, Kensley and Scarlett. Even though she does not see her children or grandchildren very often, they are always in her thoughts. She surrounds herself with emotionally healthy friends and relationships in her life. She currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA… loves God, the beach, and to write. This is where her book comes into the picture. She was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write about her past and how she grew from her experiences throughout the times the book are based on. This is the first book of her sequal entitled, “What’s Next In Life.” You can order her book, “The Prison Gates Are Broken” here on her website, and you can read her blog here too. If you are inspired, like or even dislike her book, please write a review and put it under the Reviews Tab at the top of this site. She loves feedback, positive or negative. Stay tuned for her next book, “Out of the Gates, to the Hornet’s Nest,” which is Coming Soon.